Portishead _ adventures with the visual team

I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life this week. After some weeks of correspondence with John Minton, I was offered all access passes to come down to the Aragon Ballroom early in the day to see Portishead’s technical side. The main reason for my presence was to aid John in any questions he might have about the LZX video synth. He had obtained an LZX direct from Lars about 1.5 weeks before the tour started, and surely was too busy at that point getting ready to sit down properly and learn all the ins and outs. We chatted, patched, and played from 4-6 in the afternoon before doors opened at 6:30.

I got introduced to the entire video crew during setup and ate a nice meal with half the band. John and the rest of the Portishead team were extremely welcoming and kind.  I can’t thank them enough. I hope I was able to give John a few hints, because I certainly left with a large sense of inspiration.

Below are some pictures I snapped when I had the chance along with some descriptions.

When I first arrived to the venue, John and the rest of the team were just finishing their final tweaks of the video setup. Here I was acting as a stand in at the various spots on the stage while John adjusted his cameras. Pedal board, Beth’s mic, synths, and drums.

Here is the control station at stage left. Pretty impressive rig with a lot going on. I believe there were 8 camera feeds, 2 oscilloscopes, the LZX visionary, V-8 mixer, 2 macbook pros,  some other video switching hardware, and some software that acted as a video patch bay with presets.

Here is a monitor showing the various feeds available from the stage and stock footage.

VECTOR RESCANNING WITH THE LZX VISIONARY!!!! Seriously so much fun. We spent the better part of an  hour or more playing with this.  John’s primary focus of having the LZX is for this functionality. I was able to give him some good tips and insight on patching techniques. (or so I think)

Then the band came out and we got to start playing with audio and envelope following on the video setup. Everyone seemed in a very cheerful mood. Happy with the sound of the venue.

I got to watch the show from Al Capone’s booth.

Game Over

First video gig with sound

I had my first gig on the LZX video synth with music on Tuesday night at Lokal Lounge with the Push Beats crew.

It went great! Matt’s Cwejman AP-1 is a godsend when it comes to patching with the beats.

Hope you enjoy the footage. I will be returning to Push Tuesdays and Push Monthly features.