Vector Rescan – Rutt Etra

Pretty excited to have a functional Tektronix 620 (that green screen oscilloscope looking box). It has granted me access to the world of vector re-scanning. This technique was historically used with Rutt Etra video synthesizer.

Here is my setup and two pictures. The first is a kaleidoscope image from the ipad and the second is my face.

Portishead _ adventures with the visual team

I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life this week. After some weeks of correspondence with John Minton, I was offered all access passes to come down to the Aragon Ballroom early in the day to see Portishead’s technical side. The main reason for my presence was to aid John in any questions he might have about the LZX video synth. He had obtained an LZX direct from Lars about 1.5 weeks before the tour started, and surely was too busy at that point getting ready to sit down properly and learn all the ins and outs. We chatted, patched, and played from 4-6 in the afternoon before doors opened at 6:30.

I got introduced to the entire video crew during setup and ate a nice meal with half the band. John and the rest of the Portishead team were extremely welcoming and kind.  I can’t thank them enough. I hope I was able to give John a few hints, because I certainly left with a large sense of inspiration.

Below are some pictures I snapped when I had the chance along with some descriptions.

When I first arrived to the venue, John and the rest of the team were just finishing their final tweaks of the video setup. Here I was acting as a stand in at the various spots on the stage while John adjusted his cameras. Pedal board, Beth’s mic, synths, and drums.

Here is the control station at stage left. Pretty impressive rig with a lot going on. I believe there were 8 camera feeds, 2 oscilloscopes, the LZX visionary, V-8 mixer, 2 macbook pros,  some other video switching hardware, and some software that acted as a video patch bay with presets.

Here is a monitor showing the various feeds available from the stage and stock footage.

VECTOR RESCANNING WITH THE LZX VISIONARY!!!! Seriously so much fun. We spent the better part of an  hour or more playing with this.  John’s primary focus of having the LZX is for this functionality. I was able to give him some good tips and insight on patching techniques. (or so I think)

Then the band came out and we got to start playing with audio and envelope following on the video setup. Everyone seemed in a very cheerful mood. Happy with the sound of the venue.

I got to watch the show from Al Capone’s booth.

Game Over

thank you to LA

I had a great time this past weekend in LA. Trash Audio put on a great meet full of wonderful people. I want to personally thank everyone that came together to make this meet special.

I was able to give some nice demos of the LZX system, and even got some good feedback tips from The Harvestman. Saw some exciting new modules that are coming out just around the corner, and met some people and manufacturers that I hadn’t met before. A big win for the weekend.

On Sunday the meet turned to performances including: Big Black Delta (dj set),  David Scott Stone, Lichens, and Sonoio. I was extremely fortunate to be able to do live video art during the performances. HOW LUCKY!!!

Seriously it’s always a huge honor to be able to perform in front of people, in any medium. But on top of that, to perform with artists that you truly follow and enjoy. That’s a first for me. I first saw Lichens 5 years ago opening for Explosions in the Sky and he just killed it. I left the theater that night only thinking of Rob and not a ounce of thought to the headliner. The same thing happened years later in Chicago as he opened for Tortoise. In my old age openers tend to get better and better. This was my first encounter with David Scott Stone and I very much enjoyed his set of modular, drum machine, guitar, and awesomeness. Sonoio as always rocks my eardrums!

That’s enough of this horribly written post. Have a nice day. If you have any footage or pics of my visuals and/or the artists.. Please let me know. I would love to share them up here on my blog.



*photo by matthew levy

Analogue Video Synthesizer Workshop

Chicago 2011 Analogue Video Synthesizer Workshop with Lars Larsen of LZX Industries.

Saturday November 5, 2011 – 1PM

The XART Lab will be hosting more fun for 2011. Lars Larsen of LZX Industries will be in Chicago to speak at our first Analogue Video synthesizer workshop! – Learn about the history of analog video synthesis – a talk and demo on the architecture of the LZX Modular – module overview – interface standards – module selection for video – video performance tips and tricks – discussing /working up patch ideas suitable for video – try things out – collaborate (and listen!) + Plenty of time for give and take all along the way!

A rough schedule is in the works – we plan to keep this low stress, casual and fun!

Seating/Spots will be limited (to about 20-ish people). This is a RSVP workshop with a modest donation.

If you are interested email!