First video gig with sound

I had my first gig on the LZX video synth with music on Tuesday night at Lokal Lounge with the Push Beats crew.

It went great! Matt’s Cwejman AP-1 is a godsend when it comes to patching with the beats.

Hope you enjoy the footage. I will be returning to Push Tuesdays and Push Monthly features.

happy accidents

I love happy accidents. Sometimes when I walk up to my synth with no goals in mind.. Happy accidents become the goal.

Does that still make them accidents? I don’t know how to discuss or answer this.

This video was filmed on a sunny, beautiful day around my parents house. I had no intentions of why I was filming.. Just experimentation and education. I was just learning Final Cut Pro (still don’t know), and I found my self just seeing how powerful single filters can be like Color Corrector. The results made me happy. I actually gave myself goosebumps a couple times after finishing this short video.

As for the music. It was probably around 4-5 passes with Moog Little Phatty and  Moog Ring Mod.  I also have some really loud African nuts that I just kinda rubbed and lightly fiddled with.

All in all I think this is the coolest video I have with the lowest amount of views. Let’s change that!