Monorocket S9N and PEG (new case, new module)

I got a new case made for my by Monorocket. It’s the same depth as their skiff model, but instead of the single row I have 9u. I am powering it with 3 uZeus and a single 4.6A brick. I soldered the individual power supplies in series behind the board. It’s working quite nice but I will need to use my remaining Tip Top Audio powered bus board for the skiff.

This jungle of wires is the first complex single signal chain patch with the 4ms PEG (pingable envelope generator).. It’s pretty much the best addition to date.

Firing my envelope follower into the PING input on peg.. taking two peg envelopes across the patch. Very interesting results.

Patch is automatically switching between different syncopation schemes. A technique I plan on using often.

always be aware of your surroundings

A long journey started this year. My life as a video artist?!? Who would’ve thought.

I’ve had both amazing experiences and nights that I wish I could replay.  Chicago has treated me  very well, providing a rich community of diverse artists. Many of which can think of one or two ways to collaborate with my video style.  This has made it all worth while.

In this first year I have come to one BIG conclusion. You always have to beware of your surroundings.. It’s the biggest task, tool, and rule of doing live improvised video.

My worst visuals of the year certainly came from shows that involved little or no setup time, and no prior knowledge of venue.  This didn’t guarantee bad visuals.. Just strongly influenced.

Taking the time to walk thru a gig in the venue before the actual date of said gig is tremendously helpful. What color are the walls? Are there any feedback subjects? Where do we project from? Where can I setup cameras? etc etc etc

That being said the video above was from last night at Lokal Lounge in Chicago. I play here at least 2 Tuesdays/month and sometimes every Tuesday. And since I have started we have played around with different configurations and projection paths. But last night once again I found a new camera angle that works amazingly for getting a silhouette of the dj.

Always be aware of your surroundings.

Can’t wait to expose all the tricks in one night with a 3 camera rig. soon… soon…..

Analogue Video Synthesizer Workshop

Chicago 2011 Analogue Video Synthesizer Workshop with Lars Larsen of LZX Industries.

Saturday November 5, 2011 – 1PM

The XART Lab will be hosting more fun for 2011. Lars Larsen of LZX Industries will be in Chicago to speak at our first Analogue Video synthesizer workshop! – Learn about the history of analog video synthesis – a talk and demo on the architecture of the LZX Modular – module overview – interface standards – module selection for video – video performance tips and tricks – discussing /working up patch ideas suitable for video – try things out – collaborate (and listen!) + Plenty of time for give and take all along the way!

A rough schedule is in the works – we plan to keep this low stress, casual and fun!

Seating/Spots will be limited (to about 20-ish people). This is a RSVP workshop with a modest donation.

If you are interested email!