Monorocket S9N and PEG (new case, new module)

I got a new case made for my by Monorocket. It’s the same depth as their skiff model, but instead of the single row I have 9u. I am powering it with 3 uZeus and a single 4.6A brick. I soldered the individual power supplies in series behind the board. It’s working quite nice but I will need to use my remaining Tip Top Audio powered bus board for the skiff.

This jungle of wires is the first complex single signal chain patch with the 4ms PEG (pingable envelope generator).. It’s pretty much the best addition to date.

Firing my envelope follower into the PING input on peg.. taking two peg envelopes across the patch. Very interesting results.

Patch is automatically switching between different syncopation schemes. A technique I plan on using often.

Vector Rescan – Rutt Etra

Pretty excited to have a functional Tektronix 620 (that green screen oscilloscope looking box). It has granted me access to the world of vector re-scanning. This technique was historically used with Rutt Etra video synthesizer.

Here is my setup and two pictures. The first is a kaleidoscope image from the ipad and the second is my face.

thank you to LA

I had a great time this past weekend in LA. Trash Audio put on a great meet full of wonderful people. I want to personally thank everyone that came together to make this meet special.

I was able to give some nice demos of the LZX system, and even got some good feedback tips from The Harvestman. Saw some exciting new modules that are coming out just around the corner, and met some people and manufacturers that I hadn’t met before. A big win for the weekend.

On Sunday the meet turned to performances including: Big Black Delta (dj set),  David Scott Stone, Lichens, and Sonoio. I was extremely fortunate to be able to do live video art during the performances. HOW LUCKY!!!

Seriously it’s always a huge honor to be able to perform in front of people, in any medium. But on top of that, to perform with artists that you truly follow and enjoy. That’s a first for me. I first saw Lichens 5 years ago opening for Explosions in the Sky and he just killed it. I left the theater that night only thinking of Rob and not a ounce of thought to the headliner. The same thing happened years later in Chicago as he opened for Tortoise. In my old age openers tend to get better and better. This was my first encounter with David Scott Stone and I very much enjoyed his set of modular, drum machine, guitar, and awesomeness. Sonoio as always rocks my eardrums!

That’s enough of this horribly written post. Have a nice day. If you have any footage or pics of my visuals and/or the artists.. Please let me know. I would love to share them up here on my blog.



*photo by matthew levy

Doing live modular video art in LA!

OK.. pretty awesome.. gonna be doing video art in LA for Trash_Audio Synth Weekend 10.

somewhere amongst this incredible lineup I will be huddled in the back turning the knobs of pictures.

SONOIO (Alessandro Cortini)
Lichens (Robert Lowe)
Richard Devine
Big Black Delta (DJ set)

Extremely excited be performing alongside such talent..

now it’s time to get some footage ready for keying up!


Pcb Design

been working on improving my pcb design skills.. trying to come up with a number of ideas for possible board runs..

the first one is a compact arduino board with all pins exposed, usb, prototyping area, and an AD5206 chip (digital potentiometer). This little board should be the ultimate digital pedal hack for CV mods.

Right Now

Here is the reworked track. Today I started with some of the synth programming. Little Phatty keyboard first.. Then some sequencing.



Here are some photos. They are also on the side panel. But…. I like em.


First video gig

¬†ghetto sprinklers –

Ok story here. So in the ghetto, where I work, they crack every fire hydrant on every corner when the temps are over 95 F. This is cool. And charming in a way.. Makes you feel good about summer and community. But with this also comes some teenage fun. So most of the guys/teens in the neighborhood run for their 5 gallon buckets during rush hour 430-6. As cars drive by they throw 5 gallons of water into your car. And who would a thought that they LOVE hitting bicyclists. So in one day I saw 13 hydrants spraying and got hit with 4 buckets of water in my first 3 blocks home of a 9 mile ride. FUN FUN FUN. until my iphone dies.

Look at those pretty extension cables

I also made some extensions for my Intellijel Spock. I had 4 hp left in my skiff. Typically I used to put a Plan B headphone amp in there . But since my skiff is now a modulation/clocking/sequencing tool I opted for the Spock. I think that Spock and Clockwork seem to be two of the best fit modules EVER!!

Anyways.. the Spock has a small HP footprint but it does go a bit deep. Too deep for my monorocket skiff.. Luckily for me Danjel at Intellijel designs his PCBs with simple headers that I can make extensions for. HOW COOL.. look at that pretty extension cable.