projections on-screen windows. back country synth meet

my most exhilarating bike sprint on the fixie to date.. taking pics not recommended

sadly this photo has some unwanted blur. but it make me think of her

Right Now

Here is the reworked track. Today I started with some of the synth programming. Little Phatty keyboard first.. Then some sequencing.



Here are some photos. They are also on the side panel. But…. I like em.


First video gig

 ghetto sprinklers –

Ok story here. So in the ghetto, where I work, they crack every fire hydrant on every corner when the temps are over 95 F. This is cool. And charming in a way.. Makes you feel good about summer and community. But with this also comes some teenage fun. So most of the guys/teens in the neighborhood run for their 5 gallon buckets during rush hour 430-6. As cars drive by they throw 5 gallons of water into your car. And who would a thought that they LOVE hitting bicyclists. So in one day I saw 13 hydrants spraying and got hit with 4 buckets of water in my first 3 blocks home of a 9 mile ride. FUN FUN FUN. until my iphone dies.

First video gig with sound

I had my first gig on the LZX video synth with music on Tuesday night at Lokal Lounge with the Push Beats crew.

It went great! Matt’s Cwejman AP-1 is a godsend when it comes to patching with the beats.

Hope you enjoy the footage. I will be returning to Push Tuesdays and Push Monthly features.

Video Art

I just wanted to talk about how video manipulation and processing has taken a hold on me.

Since moving to Chicago I fulfilled my dream of getting into and starting a modular synthesizer… And now the rabbit hole has gotten deeper.

I recently expanded my audio synthesizer with the initial lineup of LZX Industries Visionary Series video modules.

Module Overview

Video input, output and sync generation – the only two “required” modules to make and process video
Color Video Encoder Video Sync Generator

Wideband signal generators – the oscillator of the video world.  stable syncing to line and field rates of the VSG.
Video Waveform Generator

Wide bandwidth signal processing – Key Generation, Blending, Mixing, Fading, PROCESSING!
Video Blending Matrix Triple Video Fader & Key Generator

External audio and control voltage input and output – a light module intended to conform outside voltages
Voltage Interface I

These devices have put a lot of smiles on my faces as well as my friends! It’s great having friends with no interest in such things actually get excited about what they see. (and hear)

I hope to be out around the city of Chicago performing with this unique video instrument. I hope to be playing with the people behind PUSH BEATS, Rodan Lounge, and YOU!

If you have any ideas for where I could look into doing video please leave it in the comments or contact me. If you want video for your project. I want to make that video for you.

Currently I will be working to make a MAX/Jitter patch to provide databases of video clips and loops to be used for other peoples shows. If you have interesting clips under 10 minutes long that you don’t know what to do with. Send them to me!

as always thanks


Darwin Grosse over at 20Objects seems to have gotten some production PCBs back from the factory. He also made this post with some extra pictures over in the 5U sub- forum of Muffwiggler. I am very excited about this project and community involvement. Open source DIY is SO COOL!.

If you don’t know Darwin. He is an extremely accomplished Cycling74 junkie. (max/msp).  Over at his site you will find an entire library of sketches made for the Arduino platform to run with modular synthesizers.

Things I’m most excited about within this library:

Drunken Walk.. yes!

Control Voltage Recorder!

Note Quantizer (could have a lot of fun modding this sketch)

It’s getting nice outside, and I have officially started biking to work daily!

fell off my bike by brownshoesonly

Spring is always an exciting time of year. I have friends who have moved away from the Midwest in favor to “better” weather. And although I don’t enjoy the humidity I can deal with it.  But it’s the fact of not having winter that would make me feel dull. I don’t ski or snowboard. I don’t even ice fish anymore.. But the cause and effect of Winter into Spring is one the the greatest, hair raising, and socially shared events of my year.